Welliver Outdoors Standard Bluebird House

Welliver Outdoors Standard Bluebird House

Welliver Outdoors

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Traditionally crafted Bluebird house, constructed of durable, renewable, 3/4" Cedar, chosen for its weather resistant and superior insulation properties. Designed with a 1 1/2” entrance hole, which is attractive to the eastern bluebird and discouraging to unwanted species. Removable side screw to open the front panel for checking the nesting birds, also provides quick and easy clean out. Appropriate air ventilation and drainage is provided. Fully assembled and ready to mount. SELECTING A SITE: Ideal habitats are open, barren spaces with short-cut grass and a few nearby trees or fence rows. Mount your nest box to a tree or pole, between 5' to 15' off the ground. The opening should face away from prevailing winds and also away from direct sunlight. Length: 6.25"Depth: 5.5"Height: 11.25"

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