RatX® Pellets


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When used as directed, RatX® Pellets are effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control, even safe for use around cats, dogs, and children. And because they work only on rats and mice, there’s no risk of secondary poisoning or death.

Place these easy-to-use pellets around landscaping, near livestock or poultry housing, or under buildings or garden structures.

RatX®, the poison-free rodenticide, is the ultimate rat and mouse control. Non-toxic to humans, livestock, birds of prey, and other non-rodent animals, RatX® works from the inside out to exterminate rats and mice, then dries them out after death to reduce odor by as much as 90%.

Formulated using naturally derived ingredients, RatX® Pellets attract rats and mice with their scent and taste when used as directed. Once ingested, active ingredients in the pellets coat the rat’s stomach lining, blocking all messages from the stomach to the brain. This causes rats and mice to stop wanting water, leading to eventual dehydration and death.

For safe, efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly rat and mouse extermination, choose RatX® Pellets.

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